For two hares

19 October 2018, Fri. 19:00
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About event

"For Two Hares" - one of the most popular Ukrainian classical comedies. On our stage - this is a long-standing performance, which marked not only a commemorative jubilee.

The love story of Proni Prokopivna, her crazy romance with the Kiev barbecue Svirid Petrovich, will leave no one indifferent to anyone, because every person dreams of happiness, wants a great and pure love ... Therefore, one can understand Pronya Prokopivna, the pupil of the nobility of noblemen, in her dreams and hopes. ladies In addition, in this "cheerful" there is a lesson for everyone, not only for the Holocaust, who, wanting to get out of poverty and enrich, began to wary of Pronia Prokopivna, but could not escape his sweetheart and beauty, Halyu, daughter of Limarichi ... How says folk proverb? "You will marry two birds with hare - you will not catch one."

A talented actors ensemble, beautiful music painted by national coloring of dances and songs performed by actors accompanied by an orchestra, which is an active participant of stage action, the general festive atmosphere of a spectacular performance - all this determines the success of staging in a large audience.