For two hares

11 October 2018, Thu. 19:00
Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces Ukraine Kyiv, 30/1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St
from 2.42 EUR
from 2.42 EUR


For two hares in Kyiv - photo #1 За двома зайцями у Києві
For two hares in Kyiv - photo #2 За двома зайцями у Києві афіша
For two hares in Kyiv - photo #3 За двома зайцями у Києві квитки
For two hares in Kyiv - photo #4 За двома зайцями у Києві на

About event

Why go to "Two Hares"?

1. One of the most beloved and popular Ukrainian comedies.
2. Musical production will capture you with your melodies and rhythms.
3. The game of talented actors will make you laugh, experience and wonder.

We invite you, dear spectators of ours, to the insanely interesting and musical performance of one of the most popular and beloved Ukrainian classical comedies among you, in which a lot of music, duets, couples and dances !!!

"For Two Hares" - one of the most popular Ukrainian classical comedies, which does not lose its relevance today.

The story of the funny adventurer Svirid Golokhvostogo, who was looking for a way out of a difficult financial situation by "hugging" the rich bride, but could not refrain from temptation to take over the heart of another girl - Gali. But as the folk proverb says: "You will marry two birds with hare - you will not catch one."

Setting up group
Director-producer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Vera Timchenko
Conductor - Alex Roschak
Artist - Vera Zhludko
Choreographer Olga Shpakovskaya
Chorus master - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Mykola Borsch
Concertmaster - Tetyana Kovintseva
Artist on the light - Vyacheslav Vasilenko

Actors and Characters:
Bulls - art. Peter the Great
Pronya Prokopivna - holy art Ukraine Natalia Maksimenko
Pronya Prokopivna - art. Tatyana Shumeyko
Prokip Sirko - art. Anatoliy Kovalsky
Evdokia Pylypivna - holy art Ukraine Antonina Bagliy
Evdokia Pylypivna - art. Olena Bondarenko
Secilita Limerick - art. Lyubov Kolesnikov
Galya - art. Yevgeniya Vasilenko
Galya - art. Larisa Kravchuk
Kuma - art. Olga Kozunova
Stepan - art. Albert Lukashov
Stepan - art. Vladislav Leshchenko
Khimka - art. Natalia Gnatenko
Khimka - art. Dean Lobour
Meroniya - art. Victoria Peniaev
Smoke - art. Sergey Nosenko
Dumb is an art. Edward bragida
Quarterly - art. Nikolay Mironenko

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