The Riddle of the Snow Queen

27 January 2019, Sun. 12:00
Theater of the young spectator Odessa, Street Grecheskaya, 50
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from 1.21 EUR
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A long time ago, a crooked mirror threw an evil force on Earth, and a fragment of it fell into the heart of the boy Kai. And it turned out Kai's heart is cold, like ice. So the Snow Queen decided that from now on Kai would never meet her faithful friend Gerda. But, fortunately, Gerda did not want to lose a friend at all, and in the end, of course, she found a magical and at the same time simple way to make Kaya's heart melt, and he would become the same again - kind and glorious.

Many generations of people around the world know and love this Andersen tale.

And those who come to the bright and filled with music and songs performance of the Odessa Youth Theater based on this fairy tale, incredible miracles are expected at all: they have to solve another, completely new, riddle of the Snow Queen. And the clue, believe me, will be truly happy for everyone - both for the heroes of the performance and for the audience.

In short, the New Year's performance, in which this premiere is coming out, was prepared in the theater according to all the rules of this holiday.

Performance in 2 acts based on the tale of G.-H. Andersen "SNOW QUEEN"