Particularly married taxi driver. Reboot

23 October 2020, Fri. 19:00
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from 9.67 EUR
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Comedy "Especially Married Taxi Driver".

Taxi driver John Smith is the main character, adventurer, spring and victim of intrigue. John, an English taxi driver, is married to two women at once and lives in two houses. With one of his wives, Mary, he registered marriage at City Hall, with the other, Barbara, married in a church. Wives, not suspecting anything, live four minutes away from each other. Mary Smith might never have known about Barbara, like Barbara, about Mary, however, the blow that an unknown old woman struck John on her head with her handbag leads to hospitalization overnight at the hospital and a complete collapse of John's iron schedule. And the intervention of the police and the press to the most incredible, most unpredictable consequences. In general, Figaro is here, Figaro is there, Figaro is lying, more and more entangled in his own lies and involving more and more heroes in the maelstrom of events.

John Smith - Alexander Suvorov
Mary Smith - Julia Skarga
Barbara Smith - Alena Kolesnichenko
Stanley Poney - Mikhail Ignatov
Inspector Trauton - Valery Shvets
Inspector Porterhouse - Boris Barsky
Bobby Franklin - Bogdan Parshakov
Agent 007, aka Mickey, aka a news agency correspondent - Eugene Yukhnovets

Staging part:
Songwriter: Ray Cooney
Stage Director: Pyotr Shereshevsky
Choreographer: Pavel Ivlyushkin