16 - 18 August 2019 13:00
s.Rodatichі Lviv, Charivna Dolyna
from 20.00 EUR
from 20.00 EUR
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ZAXIDFEST 2019 in Lviv - photo #1 ZAXIDFEST 2019 у Львові
ZAXIDFEST 2019 in Lviv - photo #2 ZAXIDFEST 2019 у Львові афіша
ZAXIDFEST 2019 in Lviv - photo #3 ZAXIDFEST 2019 у Львові квитки

About event

Why go to the Zaxidfest 2019 festival?

1. To miss one of the best music festivals in the country is impossible.
2. Zaxidfest - a great opportunity to meet new friends and get a sea of positive.
3. More than 50 famous artists and groups will perform at Zaxidfest: you do not want to modestly read about this great event in the Internet reviews?

Zaxidfest will be held August 16-18 in the picturesque Rodatichi near Lvov. Cool news? - And then! Be sure to come and take with you an armful of friends and relatives!

The largest music festival of the summer this time will be held for the 11th time. And the scope of the event will conquer even experienced ones. Already scheduled to attend more than 50 famous artists. And, knowing the grip of the organizers of the fest, it is safe to say that there will definitely be a sea of fun entertainment and pleasant surprises. Today Zaxidfest is the absolute leader of the festival life of the country, an outpost for all who appreciate great music and spiritual company. Courage and drive here at every turn. Even the most terrible intergalactic evil is powerless before the festival's positive energy. Fairy-tale characters and bold superheroes will accompany all the guests. And maybe some of them will become your new friend.

Only having lived these days with Zaxidfest will you understand what a person feels when he breaks the jackpot. Heat of emotions and extravaganza of feelings are waiting for you!

Big family Zaxidfest is always ready to replenish, join!