Birthday of the Green Theater

20 July 2018, Fri. 23:00
Green Theater Kyiv, Park Road, 2
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR

About event

Why should I go to the Green Theater Birthday Party?

1. The 69th birthday;)
2. Here the emotions will explode, the bass will become denser, the music will unite, the drinks will stir up consciousness, and dawns will be the apotheosis of the best nights
3. A huge number of musicians

Reception-reception! How are you? The owner is again in touch, it's been half a summer, and the moment of an important holiday-the birthday of your favorite place-has come.

In 1949 the "Green Theater" was founded, this year the birthday celebrates a solid date - the 69th birthday, not bad so, right?

The owner gathers everyone where everything began because the summer is in full swing, the high nights until the morning fill our hearts with love and positive vibrations, so we take all the friends and go to dnyuhu!


Local music:
- CALL062
- Retroaerobica
- MixMaster Gabber

The host of the event is MC Gerik Gorilla

WE ACCEPT GIFTS AND VIDEO CONGRATULATIONS. The coolest congratulations the owner will celebrate with encouragement, this is for sure.

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