3 November 2018, Sat. 19:30
MonteRay Live Stage Kyiv, Prorizna 8
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR


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About event

Why go to the Zerno concert?

1. Want to hear a new Ukrainian rock - the ZERNO group has sprouted and is ready to give its first fruits
2. Island is possible. Michelle Ulbec confirms. Listen to the group's new album
3. The first big concert in Kiev

ZERNO will show its "Island" in Kiev.

On November 3, a concert by the Ukrainian band ZERNO will take place at the MonteRay Kyiv club, where the guys will present their new, third album "Island". During the performance, both the songs from the new disc and the best things from the two previous recordings will sound. This will be the first concert of the band with the new guitarist Pavel Zyryanov.

"For us, this is a real event, because it will be our first big concert in Kyiv. Several years ago, several years ago, we performed several times at Divan Pub, but this will be a qualitatively new level. We can not wait to present you our new material, which is just breaking out. I am sure that everyone who comes to our performance will receive a lot of pleasant impressions and will eventually understand that he is a new Ukrainian rock! "- says the leader of ZERNO group Maxim Kozlovets.

The new album "Island" will consist of six tracks. Some of them have already been presented by guys to singles, and part of them are completely new things they will play for the first time at a concert in Kyiv. The bonus track on the disc will be a radio version of the song Egoist from the previous album, which was released by musicians earlier this year. The material for the fresh plate was preparing for a little more than six months. The recording and production of the album took place at the FDR studio.

Group members consider "Island" their first truly high-quality recording, although they already have two discs in their own arsenal. "I can confidently state that this disc is the first work of the ZERNO group, which is done correctly, professionally and qualitatively. Our "Island" is precisely the place in which we, the gang members, are now as comfortable as possible in all the thoughts, having a rest on it, we really get the pleasure and invite all those who wish to join us! "- Maxim calls.

So join the ZERNO band's music on the discs and the upcoming concert in Kyiv.

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