Marry me

22 May 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 4.55 EUR
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Why go to the play "Marry Me"?

1. Learn how to combine three women at once.
2. See what people are ready for the money.
3. Laugh at the old ladies' man.

Sometimes fate loves to play its impish joke at the most inopportune moment - the heroes of the play “Marry Me”, based on the play by N. Ptushkina “Crying Forward One Million Bucks,” know about it.

The actor is not the first freshness, the aged man in love Mikhail Rastiatov, everything is fine: a job where he feels like a great actor, a wife and a house, and, of course, a lover, so as not to lose courage.

But only once in the pre-Christmas morning he discovers his mortal body in bed with a certain Olympiad Nikolaevna, or, as she calls herself, Lipa. Easy affair, who does not happen? Especially if you are a representative of Bohemia ...

But, it was not there: Lipochka is the sponsor of the new performance and such “cupids” can end badly for both the actor and the theater. Alas, Michael does not really remember their “stormy night” or its presence at all.

The “sexual tigress” has its plans for a lover: Lipochka makes an offer to Mikhail! No, not hands and hearts. More precisely, not really. The actor only needs to be her husband for one year and not just like that, but for a generous reward - one million dollars. Lovelace, in general, is not against such a deal, but how to explain everything to his wife and the “old” mistress?

The roles in the play “Marry Me” were performed by: L. Titarenko (Olimpiada Nikolaevna), V. Shestakov (Mikhail), V. Ishchenko (Polina Sergeevna), A. Nagornaya (Natusya).