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Giselle in Odesa - photo №1 zhizel-odesa-03-02_odeskiy-teatr-operi-ta-baletu_030320241600_783
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Giselle in Odesa - photo №5 zhizel-odesa-03-02_odeskiy-teatr-operi-ta-baletu_030320241600_55

About event

Why should you go to the Giselle ballet?

  1. Watch a romantic masterpiece of world ballet.
  2. To see harmony, full of life, energy and grace.
  3. Appreciate the beautiful interweaving of the plot, music and dance.

The Odesa Opera Theater will host a ballet that rightly bears the title of "the most romantic work of recent centuries." Among the countless stories that have ever been told in the language of dance, nothing more sad and beautiful at the same time has ever been created than this drama.

"Giselle" is the most famous fantasy ballet in two acts. Composer Adolphe Adan wrote simply magical music to a libretto by Théophile Gauthier, Jean Coralli and Henri de Saint-Georges. The plot is based on a legend told by the genius of German literature, Heinrich Heine. The first premiere took place in Paris in 1841, and since then this work has not left the theater stages of the world. Many screen adaptations were made on it.

Fiction, poetry, music, dance... Everything is intertwined in this brilliant ballet! The charm of the plot and the perfect choreography deservedly brought this romantic masterpiece into the treasury of ballet classics.

Come to see and experience one of the most famous and vivid performances in the world! Waiting for you!