Giselle. Olesya Shaitanova and Jonas Lucias

16 February 2020, Sun. 19:00
National Opera of Ukraine Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street, 50
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from 6.67 EUR
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Extraterrestrial Feeling: Lithuanian Prima Ballerina Olesya Shaitanova will show her Giselle in Kiev

The Parisian ballet Giselle has been moving, thrilling and even mad for 178 years. Outwardly, it is a story of naive first love, betrayal and forgiveness, and in its essence a lyrical metaphor for the immortality of the pure soul. The main character is crazy, stunned by the betrayal of her beloved, but still lives in the spirit world. Her dance becomes ghostly light - she seems to use music and air equally, bringing the viewer into a world of otherworldly beauty.

Giselle - a special role for the ballerina, it is not amenable to every star. But for Olesia Shaitanova , the young primate of the Lithuanian National Ballet , this party is one of the crowning ones. On the feast of love, February 14, the ballerina will show her Giselle on the Kiev stage. The star - the premier of the Lithuanian National Ballet Jonas Lautius - will perform with her at the National Opera of Ukraine. For him, the role of the beloved heroine, Count Albert, will become premiere.

The contrasting and musical Giselle weighs no less than the Swan Lake for art. The infinity of love is embodied in this performance with the help of a clean, white ballerina dress, a classic dance. At Giselle, ballet masters Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot have endorsed a whole style - white ballet, and since then this mystical metaphor has fascinated generations of audiences on all continents.

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