31 May 2019, Fri. 22:00
Red Line Odessa, Arcadia Beach, Left Wing
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR

About event

Why should you go to Zivert concert?

1. Hear the hits “Life”, “Green Waves”, “Chuck”, “You can do anything”, “I still want it”, “Anesthesia”.
2. Dance to the original sound of Zivert songs.
3. Spend an unforgettable musical evening!

May 31, singer Zivert will perform in the Red Line! Meet the summer of 2019 together!

Julia Zivert is a pop singer who appeared on the musical Olympus in 2017. According to the artist, her work is permeated with the desire to “immerse the listeners in the most hidden back streets of her soul.” Julia wants the world to gradually recognize her as a singer, “discovering new facets” of her music with each song.

The future artist from her childhood staged concerts at home, but she only came to the desire to perform on stage at a mature age, initially preferring the profession of a flight attendant. The music world recognized Zivert after the song "Chuck". The composition was a smashing success, becoming material for covers. In the same year, the premiere of the clip. And one more presentation of not less successful single - “Anesthesia”.

Last year, singer Zivert also released her debut EP album titled "Shine". Four tracks are saturated with the atmosphere of the late 1980s - early 1990s. According to the singer, she always harbored a passion for the style of that time. And now, after the retro video for the song “Green Waves”, a completely new clip “Life” is released, which was filmed in Hong Kong. Movie scored 14 million views on the Youtube channel. But the most successful video Zivert - "I still want it" (46 million views!).

Come to the Red Line on May 31st to dance and sing along with the unrivaled and unsurpassed Zivert!

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