Golden chicken

16 December 2018, Sun. 11:00
Kiev Academic Puppet Theater Kyiv, st. Hrushevsky, 1st
from 2.42 EUR
from 2.42 EUR
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The hideous, insidious and extremely practical Fox offers Vovk, who is constantly dreaming of stealing food sometime and eating too much - a simple method of "honest" enrichment. To do this, you only need to remove a golden egg from the golden chicken, hang it and wait for the appearance of Golden Hat, which will carry on a golden egg every day.

So, having such a golden treasure, Fox and Wolf will be rich, and then, having selected from Dida and Babu Hut, they will live "honestly" and "eat good". Credo of this red-haired robber: "When you rob" honestly ", it's not a robbery!". Naive Wolf agrees to such a plan. He kidnaps the testicle, hatches it, awaits the appearance of the Chicken, and ... And then it will happen incredible! The newly born Golden Chicken calls Vovk first "Mummy", and then "Father"! And in the wild Wolf, the parent instinct awakens, which helps him to feel, censor, and eventually change for the better.