16 February 2019, Sat. 11:00
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

About event

Probably, there is not a single adult, let alone a child, who would not have heard about the famous fairy tale of the French writer Charles Perrault.

Of course, we are talking about Cinderella. A good story about a masculine girl, her evil half-sisters, a stepmother with a callous heart, and a handsome prince who fell in love with an ordinary girl.

Cinderella charmed the prince with her kind heart, loyalty, generosity, and the ability to love - with these magical "feelings that never, never come to an end."

Come as a family, because this is a performance for all generations of spectators: children step into the wonderful world of fairy tales, young people will be captivated by romantic adventures, and adults will again experience the great power of love.

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