Spectators are not allowed to play!

10 September 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR
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Why is it worth it to go to the play "Spectators are not allowed to play!"?

1. According to the restless names, the plot is hidden.
2. The statement allows the viewer to “peek” behind the scenes and learn everything about the unknown side of any performance.
3. You can draw a parallel between the real and the "scenic" life of the actors.

In the Kiev Theater, dramas and comedies put on a work with the unexpected title “Spectators are not allowed to play!”

This is a unique chance to penetrate theatrical scenes and to see the performances in the way that the audience never see. Is it possible to call the life of an actor of the “double play” theater? What connects real life and theater? And what secrets hides backstage? You will find answers to these and other questions by coming to this performance. Staging - Yuri Single. Waiting for you!