Alina Orlova

26 April 2018, Thu. 20:00
from 10.38 EUR
from 10.38 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to Alina Orlova's concert?

1. This event is on the verge of fiction
2. Visit the perfect concert
3. Warm and sincere meeting with your beloved singer

Talented Alina Orlova, who is very fond in the capital, performs songs in Russian, English and Lithuanian.

So, the genre of Orlova creativity British critics defines as "an invigoratingly gloomy Baltic folk-pop." We are still lost in conjecture and do not find an unambiguous answer - just like it.

The singer constantly moves forward, inspires and surprises: that acts with chamber staff, then almost with the orchestra. It is impossible to foresee what a surprise awaits viewers at the Kiev concert.

"It's pure water idealism - write about the album, which should listen to everything-everything, after which all-all-everything will become a little better, more cultured and more educated."

It is necessary to postpone all the cases and to attend the live performance of the artist - believe me, it's worth it. See you!