Battle of the Orchestras

Concerts Classics Instrumental
21 April 2018, Sat. 19:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
5.19 - 32.87 EUR
5.19 - 32.87 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the Battle of Orchestras?

1. Become the witness of an entertaining symphonic battle
2. To stand as a jury
3. Music - from folk melodies to actual hits - will appeal to everyone

The enchanting show "Battle of the Orchestras" on April 21, 2018 is again in Kyiv!

According to the concept of the Battle of Orchestras show, there are at the same time two teams that seem to be challenging each other and try to surpass their friendship with their own skill and ingenuity.

The show combines the virtuosity and immense experience of the world class orchestras and true talent, humor and creativity of each of the more than 100 musicians, soloists, dancers and musicians who will perform for the capital's audience this evening!

Musical "battle" consists of three parts:

AUTHOR TOUR - orchestras perform author's works written by conductors of orchestras or works that are presented to orchestras by the authors.

NATIONAL TOUR - Orchestras perform folk, classical and contemporary national hits of their country.

WORLD HEATS - Orchestras perform the most famous world masterpieces from classical music to rock and fresh hits!

The show is full of romance and drama of every note!

The winner of the BATTLE OF ORCHESTRA chooses only the spectator who is present in the hall! To choose the winner, you must lower your ticket to one of two boxes with the logos of the orchestras.

"The Battle of the Orchestras" is an impressive combination of grandeur and elegance, as well as the venue itself - the luxurious International Center for Culture and Arts! Sound, light, special effects and scenic architecture will please even a demanding audience. The show is created directly in front of viewers destroying the stereotypical perception of symphonic music! The Battle of Orchestras is a real event that will not leave any listener indifferent! The unique concept of the Battle of Orchestras, the analogue of which is not worldwide, was created by Magic Box. The organizers of the concert are the real professionals of their business - the Quarter Concert Company and the Magic Box, which means that the BATTLE OF ORCHESTRA will be at the highest level!

Orchestras are getting ready, get ready!