Fine City 2018

Festivals Pop Rock Hip-hop Electronic Dance Music
20 - 22 July 2018 10:10
5.88 - 29.41 EUR
5.88 - 29.41 EUR
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About event

Why go to Faina City?

1. Hear the live performance of The Rasmus!
2. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of love and incredible drive festival life.
3. To sing, to dance and to tear up to the morning in the company of their like-minded people and the same music lovers.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the festival. You're almost there! We invite you to the feast of incredible drive, dancing and full separation!

"Fayne City" is an annual festival in Ternopil, where world-class stars play. It will be on the Ternopil Hippodrome on July 20-22.

What do you think, what music styles do you hear on Faynoy? Correct answer: almost all youth trends, namely pop, rock, folk, alternative, dance.

Briefly about the subject:

• The motto of the fest - "Fayne Misto" - territory of free people ";

• 6 scenes and more than 100 performers from different countries;

• 3 days drive;

• about 16 thousand of your like-minded people;

• open-air format

This all and unexpected surprises are waiting for you already in July 2018!

Already announced the names of the first participants! Speak the coolest The Rasmus, so repeat the words of your favorite Living in the World without You and In the Shadows. In addition, Dark Stade shake Adept, To the Rats and Wolves, Infected Rain and other artists!

After celebrating the anniversary this year, the organizers of the festival are aiming for an even more magnificent show and are already preparing it for the year ahead. Imagine how cool it will be?

Do not miss an event on which you can rest, combining the pleasure with the helpful!