FuckUp Nights Resto Kyiv Vol. XIII

26 January 2018, Fri. 19:00
24.22 - 51.90 EUR
24.22 - 51.90 EUR
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About event

Why visit FuckUp Nights Kyiv Vol. XIII?

1. Success stories - a wonderful tool for motivation.
2. "FuckUp Nights Resto" - a popular world format, first integrated into the restaurant industry
3. Develop your business by learning from other people's mistakes

The event that you were waiting for!

FuckUp Nights Kyiv Vol. XIII - January 26 in the capital's Fedoriv Hub.

A wonderful tool for motivation - success stories. And in the restaurant sphere they are full of: incredible, sweet and completely crazy. Someone else's success stories force you to finally believe in yourself and go ahead to your goal. Others start to think that successful restaurateurs are some supermen who never make a mistake. But the medal without the reverse side does not happen. And successful restaurateurs, steep institutions and restaurant projects are not always like that. Do not think that they do not get along.

We invite everyone bitten by the public catering to "FuckUp Nights Resto" to learn from other people's mistakes. By the way, after the history of each speaker, he can ask questions.

We know for sure the common truth: never to be mistaken is impossible. And to argue the opposite - bullshit. Make your January 2018 more vivid and interesting - easier than simple! Here they will publicly share stories of their own Fakap and how they influenced business and life in general.

Join the world movement "FuckUp Nights"! Here restaurateurs openly discuss their small mistakes, periodic failures and complete fiasco.