Courage Bazar China Start

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24 - 25 March 2018 11:00
Art-zavod Platforma Kyiv, Belomorskaya 1
17.30 - 86.51 EUR
17.30 - 86.51 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to Courage Bazar China Start?

1. This is the opening of the Courage Bazaar season!
2. This is an opportunity to sell your unwanted things or open your mini showroom for 2 days.
3. This is an opportunity to have fun, to dance, to participate in a lot of entertainment and thereby help the children!

Neither! We are opening the season! March 24-25, we will tear the art plant "Platforma" with the warmth of its hearts.

The Chinese start is 400 selected sellers of junk and novya, Chinese and not so crazy instableisy, absolutely new food court (not bamboo sprouts uniform!), DJ-place named Panda Kung-fu, inclusive children's zone "Disneyland" with baby- bar and activities for all, contests that will start in line for tickets, and, of course, a dragon.

"What is the Chinese New Year at the end of March?" - you ask. "The best!" - we will answer. And do not lie.

Running time flea markets:

- Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00
- Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00

Traditionally we invite you to participate in such categories:

OLDER . Here you can sell anything: from bored shoes and clothes to vinyl records, hockey sticks and grandmother's jewelry of the 19th century. The main thing is that all things should be decent and in a usable condition.

NOVYE . In this zone, we will be happy to see young designers and entrepreneurs, Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, handmade masters.

We are waiting for you, dear friends! With us you can be anything. # in the name of good!

The entrance fee is 80 UAH (30 of which we will give to charity). The ticket can be bought on the spot. For those born, pregnant, children under 12, pensioners and people with disabilities, ATO participants are free.

Rules of participation for 2018
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