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10 - 12 August 2018 17:00
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from 13.84 EUR
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Why should I go to the CXIDPOK festival?

1. Listen to cool rock bands
2. Combine music and travel
3. Spend three days in the fortress


August 10-12, 2018, the musical festival СXIDPOK will be held in Trostyanets (Sumy region). This unique festival is the theme of the "Round Court" in the 18th century fortress. Previously, he was an amphitheater, therefore, such acoustics in Ukraine still need to be searched, and music in the literal sense of the word passes through everyone.

Line-up of the festival will not leave anyone indifferent! Two scenes, 100 kw of sound, more than 20 bands from Ukraine and abroad will give you full enjoyment of the festival atmosphere.

There is a free tent camp on the territory of the festival, the highlight of which is its location. The camp is located in the arboretum "Neskuchne", the very name of which makes it clear that there is no need to miss it. The arboretum falls in love with its pristine and pure nature, a cascade of three lakes and a mysterious Nymph grotto.

The small and friendly town of Trostyanets is always glad to guests, because he has something to show besides the musical component. This is the Round Court itself, which hosts the festival, and the estate of Konigs, which in 1864 lived and created P. Chaikovsky, the Alley of Lovers with wooden sculptures, columns and gazebo, the arboretum, the museum of chocolate and much, much more . Taking into account the fact that in Trostyanets there is a chocolate factory that produces chocolates «Korona» and «Milka», cookies «Tuc» and «Oreo», «Barni» spicery, «Jacobs» coffee, in the city literally everything with a smell of chocolate.

So, Trostyanets is waiting for all the fans of the year, drive, all the fans to travel and discover new fabulous and chocolate towns in their stay at the end of summer!

It's never too early to plan a holiday!