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16 - 17 February 2018 10:00
БЦ "Парус" Київ, вул. Мечникова, 2
103.81 - 173.01 EUR
103.81 - 173.01 EUR
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About event

Why visit UADIGITALS 2018?

1. UADIGITALS conference - guide in the world of digital communications of Ukraine in 2018.
2. Best cases of the best agencies, winners of professional ratings and understanding of the role and trends of digitals in marketing strategies.
3. UADIGITALS conference - fundamentally new technologies in the field of advertising and marketing.

On February 16 and 17, advertisers and marketers will be able to reconsider their understanding of digital! This landmark event can not be missed!

By 2018, the Internet has long overtaken all channels of communication in terms of advertising volumes. The world is changing rapidly, and those who manage to follow these changes are winning. New technologies make it possible to make a powerful leap in business, leaving far behind its competitors.

You will have an excellent opportunity to talk and consult with representatives of the leading companies: Postmen, Fedoriv, ​​Vintage, Nestle, Netpeak, We'AR Studio, Promodo, BBDO, Starlight Digital Sales,, Projector, ISD, UaMobile, Starcom (Publicis One ), Prime, AGAMA Digital Group, StarLadder, Tabasco, WDSS, Admixer, UAMASTER, Newzmate, Influ2, D2 and many others.

UADIGITALS - guaranteed the best way to get the maximum concentration of knowledge with minimal time. You will learn the most useful and up-to-date information on the digital market, and also you can establish contacts among professionals.

Meet new tools and technologies to help your business grow and develop!