United Drift Challenge

8 July 2018, Sun. 12:00
from 13.81 EUR
from 13.81 EUR
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About event

Why should I attend the United Drift Challenge?

1. Find out what a real auto show is.
2. Look at the best pilots of the country and abroad.
3. Get a lot of impressions!

July 8 at the circuit "Chaika" will be the most grandiose event of the summer of this year! Meet the United Drift Challenge (UDC-2018)!

Drifting (aka drift) is a place where not only professionals from the same sport from different countries gather together, but also beginners and just amateurs. For some of them it will be a real discovery, a jerk and the next step in discipline. Such a high-profile event will be visited by a huge number of spectators, guests, any of which will be able to feel what is an auto show, real cars and what is drift itself.

The organizer of the event is UDF (Ukrainian Drift Federation). The international race track "Chaika" is already familiar for fans of drift in our country, as well as for the former CIS and near abroad. On the one hand, dangerous, on the other - very interesting. She does not forgive mistakes, and that's why, dear guests and, of course, the pilots, you all are waiting for a few new things in our drift. This will force you to get smartphones an order of magnitude more often to literally have time to capture what they saw.

The best drifters from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus of Lithuania and so on take part in the race. And wait for surprises! By the way, among all those who pre-purchase a ticket for concert.ua, we will arrange a rally. You can win the iPhone X from our partner of the event - STYLUS.ua! To do this, you just need to know the number of the ticket purchased. Be photographed with the ticket, put the tags # hurrieddrift8July, #driftAIFON and win!