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5 April 2018, Thu. 19:00
7.61 EUR
7.61 EUR
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Why go to the Wildways concert?

1. A year later Wildways return to Kharkov with a new album
2. Everything will be even more powerful, even louder, even brighter
3. We promise to surprise and completely take down the roof with sudden surprises and, yes, yes, new songs.

Very soon you will meet incredibly drive Wildways in your native Kharkov! Musicians will stay in the city only one evening as part of a long tour, whose goal is to support the new album.

Fans of this underground remember this cool band from Berdyansk since the time of Sarah Where Is My Tea. And not in vain. The group, created by bass player Igor Starostin and guitarist Sergei Novikov, began its journey in a simple garage in 2009, and in just a couple of years spun to one of the most promising in Russia.

In pursuit of an ambitious dream to conquer the world, the guys not only changed their name to Wildways (2014), but completely changed the style of execution. The latter caused the fans, like a wild rapture, and a storm of indignation. However, the rebels Wildways still, they know something that they are doing.

As a result, we have drive compositions of quite a wide range: from the provocative Faka Faka Yeah (clip - fire in general!) To a completely lyrical Princess. In any case, at the concert you will have a powerful sound and a vivid performance! Attention! Be careful: the new album completely blows the roof !.

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07 April 2018 19:00

Bingo ,  Kyiv

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