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13 first rules

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Volodya, Igor, Inga and Valeria. Someone is celebrating a birthday. Someone will learn to smoke. Someone learns the main secret. Someone will talk about Hyperboreans. By the way, do you know who it is? See below. Someone will tell about the betrayal. Someone will get hit in the face at least three times. Someone will learn the first 13 rules of basketball, formulated by James Naismith. Someone will kiss. Someone will dance. Someone will throw a cake on the floor. Someone will laugh to tears. Someone will say the last words. Someone will die. We all wear masks. We are happy in the moment of the greatest grief.

This play is based on the play "Famous Belarusian playwright Dmitry Bogoslavsky" "13 first rules of basketball, formed by James Naismith", which was written in 2018.

For Stas Zhirkov, this is the third play by Bogoslavsky, with which he works (based on Dmitry's material, the director has already staged the plays "People's Love" and "Dad, Did You Love Me?").

Who are hyperboreans? This is the people of the legendary country of the same name, which we learn from ancient Greek mythology. Consider it the same Atlantis, whether it is an island or a sunken continent, and everyone is wondering where exactly. There are many options - from Greenland to (attention!) Ukraine. The following facts support the Ukrainian version: "Hyperborea" actually translates as "after Boreas", the ancient Greeks considered the place of Boreas to be ancient Thrace, Google to help you. Actually, the territory of modern Ukraine is located behind Thrace.

In Hyperborea, people have lived for a thousand years, all rich and in no need. Death there does not come from old age and disease, but from oversaturation with the benefits of life. Superhumans live in this happy country. I wonder what they feel? Is this option available only to the simple, ordinary, which are not great at all and in which something always hurts and happens.

Can we do this for a moment - to believe in a beautiful, deep, strong story? You have to try.

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