February 14 under the Starry Sky Kiev Planetarium

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Why it is worth going to the show program "on February 14 under the Starry sky of the Kiev Planetarium"?

1. Arrange a date under the stars
2. Tune in to the unearthly wave of Love
3. The raffle of gifts and many surprises

As the Earth can not exist without the Sun, Man cannot exist without LOVE!

Art and music project ARTSrase Kiev Planetarium gives all lovers an exclusive show program:

- Celebration, set up an unearthly wave of Love and give incredible impressions
- The best melodies and songs about love for lovers and those who want to meet their "half"
- Incredibly fascinating journey to the mysterious constellations of the universe under one of the largest domes in Europe in 360 format
- The raffle of gifts, incredible surprises and glasses of champagne!

We guarantee a romantic date in any weather under a cloudless starry sky!

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