5 Musicals about love from Lords of the sound

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Why should you go to 5 musicals about love from Lords of the sound?

1. To hear as many as five favorite musicals in one evening
2. The brightest stars of Ukrainian talent show and symphony orchestra
3. Surprise from Lords of the Sound to the day of all lovers

On February 13 at 17:30 and at 20:00 in the Ukrainian theater there will be a festive musical-vocal-dancing show "5 Musicals about Love" from the Lords of the Sound Symphony Orchestra, the stars of vocal talent show and ballet!

The best representatives of the Ukrainian scene united to create an impressive project for Valentine's Day!

Imagine the interaction of expressive music in the live performance of the orchestra, super-powerful vocals and elegant choreographic productions that reproduce the subjects of the best musicals about love:
- Romeo and Juliet
- Dracula
- The Phantom of the Opera
- Notre Dame de Paris
- Mozart

The level of professionalism of this show does not leave any doubt, after all, artists working on it have proved themselves before the Ukrainian audience.

The well-known Ukrainian symphonic orchestra LORSD OF THE SOUND will be engaged in musical design. The lords have already gained great fame, forming a new representation and reputation for the concept of "orchestra". This is evidenced by dozens of solo concerts in Ukraine and Europe, as well as joint performances with world stars.

Musicians of the orchestra will perform the best parts of five musicals about love live, and also an additional gift to the audience will be the soundtrack from the repertoire of the orchestra to the movie-musical Moulin Rouge!

Difficult and sensual vocal parts will be performed by the favorites of the show "X-Factor" and "Voice of the Country":
Kir Kaplunovsky - superfinalist of "X-factor" (V season), winner of four Grand prix of international competitions
Irina Vasilenko - finalist of the "X-Factor" (V season)
Margarita Meleshko - finalist of the project "The Voice of the Country" (VI season), participant of the "X-factor" (V season) and laureate of the Grand Prix of international competitions
Alexander Alexeev - superfinalist "X-Factor" (IV season).

Also an inseparable accompaniment will be the spectacular productions of the rooms and the hot dance parties of the ballet VATAN !

The project "5 musicals about love" without the participation of the orchestra was first introduced in 2016. But the producers decided to join forces and achieve super-results. And the updated project goes on tour.

Bright choreography, costumes, vocals, artistry, majestic music, modern lighting and video effects are woven into a single action in the program "5 musicals about love"! And all this - the love stories, survived the ages!

And you already have an idea of a gift for the holiday of love?

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