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The most intriguing romantic show this summer. 50 shades of passion is a unique large-scale extreme choreographic show of the day, which will reveal new faces of love and relationships for you. Intriguing plot, incredible special effects on modern LED technology, exciting tricks and spectacular productions and, of course, magic - are waiting for you since August 16 in Odessa.

Right in front of us unfolding an incredibly beautiful and dramatic story of love and passion, which is tested by money, treachery, betrayal, intrigues. You will get very bright emotions and strong experiences during the show. Looking at one breath and remembering for a long time.

Courageous choreography, expressive music, exciting storyline, striking imagination, animated scenery and costumes, breathtaking acrobatic tricks and exciting dance numbers ...

Half of professional dancers, titled acrobats and gymnasts who have conquered the most prestigious festivals in the world and have assembled sellhouses in China, France, Slovakia, Italy, and all of them, as if by magic of a magic wand, create on the scene a large-scale fascinating enchantment.

All this in the most intriguing and grandiose show this summer - LED SHOW "50 shades of passion."

A show that will reveal your 50 shades ...

Get ready to plunge into the world of temptation, passion and all-consuming love.

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