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Mystical comedy "9 nights"

Production by the play of Matei Vișniec "The Story of the Panda Bears told by a Saxophonist who has a Girlfriend in Frankfurt".

Having woken up one morning, He (the saxophonist, having tried too much the night before) remembers nothing from yesterday, but suddenly discovers in gradually Her – a mysterious Stranger. Trying to understand who She is and how she ended up in his house, He very soon realizes that he can no longer live without her.

They will spend 9 extraordinary nights together ...

This is a strange, paradoxical, romantic and mystical-mysterious love story in 9 episodes. The story is bewitching and fraught with many meanings.

Director: Anastasiia Hez
With the participation of Ihor Shub
Stage designer: Mariia Shub

About the author of the play:

Matei Wisnek is a Romanian-French writer, poet, and most critically acclaimed playwright after Eugene Ionesco, author of twenty plays staged in more than 30 countries around the world.

Roles are performed by:

She is Alla Bineeva
He is Oleh Rudenko

The performance is in Ukrainian.

Duration: 1 hour, without intermission.

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