9.5 minutes before and after sex

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"9.5 Minutes Before and After Sex" - the project "Black Square", which uses just a crazy popularity. Such complete sets, which we collect performances devoted to this, other theaters will only be performed in the most frank and impossible dreams. So the time has come. Talk frankly about this.

You do not need to pretend that this does not really apply to you, and in general, you do not understand what is being said. So we're talking about sex. Yes, he is. This is not a myth, it's not the invention of a philosopher's sage.

This is a very concrete concept, with which each one develops their relations. Intimate Intimate - does not mean covered with gloom of vulgarity, rudeness or dirt. Intimate - it means, fragile, light and so painful, that you are just afraid to talk about this with someone. All. It's time to finish with these children's tricks. What bother you? Share with us ourselves-by-most. We are completely open in front of you. We are ready for a frank conversation. Through sketches, plays about this.

How does it happen that a man and a woman find themselves in one bed? What should and should not be done? And what happens by itself? What happens next? Something changes inside us after all this? Here is the issue of this project, which actors will look for answers.

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