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I’ve got a fence at the beginning of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to conduct mass visits to the whole territory of Ukraine during the period from 12 birch trees to 24 April 2020, the date has been rescheduled.

The receipts, paid for the period from 14 birch trees to 24 quarters of 2020 to the program "AFRICA. Exotic boom", are secured by weekly requests for maybutnist whist whit circulation quarantined. Zdіsniiti obmіn kvitkіv on novі vistavi vi zmozhet u kasakh circ pіslya zakіnchenchenny quarantine at any time for you hour.

At the same time, with an organizer, you will be able to breathe vaguely; Allow i in May robotic for you to provide you with the necessary service.

Organizer: National Circus of Ukraine
Organizer contacts: 044 236 3939, Kasi circ +38 044 486 40 40, Call-center +38 044 334 72 94

For the first time in the history of the National Circus of Ukraine! The real BOOM is the circus show "Africa"!

why you should go to the circus on the AFRICA show. EXOTIC BOOM?

  1. A spectacular show for children and adults.
  2. Spectacular stunts and performances with African flair.
  3. The funniest clowns will make every viewer laugh.

Real Africa in the circus!

The Africa show in the Kiev circus will turn the arena into a hot savannah with African colors: exotic plants, authentic decorations and fantastic costumes. You will find incendiary dances from Senegal and Ethiopia performed by African artists, as well as dizzying stunts that will amaze the audience with their perfection, and aerialists at the height of tropical birds!

Throughout the circus show AFRICA, the audience will be entertained by the funniest clowns.

On what dates you can buy tickets to the circus at the AFRICA show. EXOTIC BOOM?

The bright colors of the hot continent have been waiting for you since February 8, 2020. Today, buy tickets to the circus in Kiev for the AFRICA performance. An EXOTIC BOOM is available on new dates in April and May.

This is an African circus show, which applauded more than 20 million spectators on all continents of our planet.

Do not waste time in vain! Join the incredible!

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