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October 18-20 in Vinnitsa will host AIR GOGOLFEST - an international festival of contemporary art.

A festival is a collaboration of a large number of powerful creative people. Artists, musicians, performers, poets, actors, directors, filmmakers, cultural drivers, thinkers, DJs - the circle is very large and you can not identify everyone. But the common thing among all is the movement of creativity in the chest and thoughts.

Everyone who joins the festival creates his part of the big world AIR GOGOLFEST, brings his bricks to one common creative environment. This year, the main location of the festival will again be the territory of the Crystal factory - and again everything will turn into surreal magic, where you never know what to expect from the corner and how you constantly travel between dimensions of various realities.

If in 2018 there was a teaser of the festival, then in 2019 a full-length festival will be held. There will be new locations in the territory, the program is growing. In total there will be more than 100 artistic events - performances, concerts, installations, exhibitions, master classes, lectures, film screenings, art parties!

A bit about the AIR GOGOLFEST 2019 program:

Theatrical program - last year in Vinnitsa there were 3 performances, this year there will be a minimum of 6 performances. Another theater stage will be specially equipped. One of the projects of the theater scene will be "Kaidashi" - a new performance of the Wild Theater, and after Kiev it will be the first regional premiere.

The performative program is a new program that emphasizes the actionism of art, where the author’s actions, which viewers watch in real time, are considered a work. Last year, the performative history of the festival received such strong reactions that it spawned a whole spontaneous performative movement on the territory of the festival. This year, they decided to combine everything in a separate program with their curator.

The visual program is the main concept “man needs art like air” is at the same time a theme for artists and participants. The program presents a series of copyright and group projects of contemporary art by artists from different cities of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland.

Musical program - the participants in the Main Stage will be the Romanian hip-hop group Subcarpati, the Dnieper electro-acoustic formation DZ'OB, the Kharkov rock band Mannerheim Line, the capital social band Rave Band and Alena Alena's Barishev gun.

The night program - a diffusion of genres where you can hear so much unpredictable music during the night, is enough to reflect until the end of winter. A selection is being specially held so that young musical formations and performers can join.

The educational program "Gymnasium" includes more than 30 day and night events, lectures, film screenings, and master classes.

Children's program - this year there will be a separate location exclusively for children, where they can constantly hang out, participate in activities, readings, master classes.

The festival exists thanks to the Vinnitsa City Council, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Community Fund "Podolsk Community" and the NGO "Art Association Plai".

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