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The play "Academy of Laughter" in Odesa. On the stage of the Russian Theater in Odesa – a production with the eloquent title "Academy of Laughter."

Why is it worth going to the play "Academy of Laughter" in Odesa?

1. Laugh-drama – a new format that you need to get acquainted with.
2. Spectators will become full participants in the stage action.
3. The winner of the humorous match will be determined by the public.

The play "Academy of Laughter" in Odesa

We invite you to the Russian Theater for an unusual performance in the genre of laugh-drama – "Academy of Laughter". New impressions, vivid emotions and a brilliant play of actors – the key to a great evening!

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the laugh-drama on the stage of the Russian Theater

The plot of the play "Academy of Laughter" is based on the play of the same name, authored by the contemporary Japanese playwright Koki Mitani. The main conflict arises around the new production of the playwright. His attempts to offer the viewer a new vision of Shakespeare's work find resistance from the Theater Director. It seems to the head that fun and recklessness are by no means relevant contemporary motives.

What will end the battle between the dramatist and the director? – Come and be able to personally influence the outcome! After all, the viewer has a special role in what is happening on the stage.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Academy of laughter" in Odesa?

Already now you can get tickets for the performance of the Academy of Laughter at the Russian Theater of Odesa online or with delivery on the website.

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