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In the National Operetta of Ukraine - a new stage Stage_Lab. On the ground floor of the historic theater building, at 53/3 Velyka Vasylkivska Street, there is a stage where chamber genres of various genres will be created for a small audience (~ 40 people).

The one-act play by the French playwright Marcel Mituau "The Accompanist" opens the Stage Lab at the National Operetta of Ukraine. The play will be staged by Oleksandr Bilozub, a famous Ukrainian artist, director and actor. In Ukraine and abroad there are two mono-performances by Oleksandr Bilozub: "I'm laughing at myself today…", dedicated to Oleksandr Vertynsky, and "Song for three bars" about Charlie Chaplin. Production designer Oleksandr Bilozub collaborated with Ukrainian and foreign directors: Bohdan Strutynsky, Andriy Zholdak, Attila Vidnyansky, and others.

"The accompanist monologue will be a tuning fork of what will take place on the experimental stage," Oleksandr Bilozub said. "It will be an analysis, a laboratory, an experiment with what the theater is like." In addition, it is a refined French drama, which is characterized by a monoform.

The director believes that the main feature of the mono-play is confession, openness to oneself, readiness to be extremely open.

The theme of the mono-play is theater. The play is about everyone who is involved in theater, not just actors and directors. The people behind the scenes largely determine the success of the play. The hero is an accompanist, his job is to accompany the success of idols. And one day fate gives him a chance to be in the bright light of the ramp! His confession in front of the audience ends with the late artist coming on stage… What does the accompanist feel at this moment? The audience of the one-act play "Accompanist" will know the answer.

Starring Asya Sereda-Goldun.

Director-producer, author of the scenographic decision - Alexander Bilozub.

Artistic director - n.a. Of Ukraine Bohdan Strutynsky.

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