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Why is it worth going to the Aquarium concert?

1. To hear live the father of Russian rock
2. Selection of the best and favorite songs, as well as songs from the new album "Time N"
3. Creativity beyond age and conventions

Boris Grebenshchikov and the musicians of the Aquarium group will come to Kiev with the new album "Time N". On June 21 and 22, Boris Borisovich will play two concerts in the Caribbean Club.

"Time N" is an album BG / Aquarium of 2018. The record was published under the name of BG. According to Grebenshchikov, the new record was the continuation of his CD "Sol" in 2014 and will make up the trilogy with the next album, for which 16 songs have already been composed. In the title track "Time N", there is a non-normative lexicon.

The album was recorded from 2015 to 2018 in London, St. Petersburg and Los Angeles. Brian Eno, Fairport Convention guitarist Richard Thompson, Symphony Orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev", members of King Crimson saxophonist Mel Collins and drummer Jeremy Stacy, a Bulgarian choir, musicians from Tunisia and Israel took part in the work on the record. For the album "Time N" Grebenshchikov was looking for a sound producer for a long time, as a result his choice fell on the three-time Grammy winner of the British Steve Jones, who was responsible for sounding the albums Moby, Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. BG itself became the co-producer of this album.

The aquarium is a group beyond time and boundaries. The band played thousands of concerts around the world, set-lists of their performances are always unpredictable and unique. It will be the same in the Caribbean Club on 21 and 22 June 2018. The aquarium will play "Time N" and a dozen or two songs that BG will choose one hour before the concert. Boris Borisovich says that "music creates spaces in which our souls live." In June in Kiev there will be two special days with space for the soul.

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