Alice in Wonderland on Ice

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Grandiose ice show on the arena of the Kiev Palace of Sports!

The story of Alice’s adventures in the chess world, familiar to many since childhood, is performed by professional circus performers and figure skaters. With the help of amazing music, impressive light and smoke special effects for one day, the fairy tale will become a reality for you, bringing your audience to a magical country.

Having been once in Wonderland, Alice forever remained there heart. Every day at school, she dreamed of seeing her magic friends again, telling other children about her incredible discoveries and adventures. But, of course, few people in their right mind can believe these stories ... Therefore, soon Alice and herself cease to believe in miracles. But, continuing to search for answers to these incredible questions, she finds them in the mirror!

Suddenly, the smooth glass turns into the door through which it again falls into the fairy-tale world, to her old friends - the Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Sonya. Now Alice will have to save Wonderland from the wiles of the evil queen!

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