Alice in the Looking Glass on the Ice

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Why should you go to the show-performance "Alice in the Looking Glass on Ice"?

1. To see the World Through the Looking Glass.
2. Find out what happened to the adult Alice.
3. Be amazed at how skaters easily tame the ice.

The whole world is chess (unless, of course, this can be called peace). This is one big, big party. Oh, how interesting! And how I would like to be accepted into this game! I even agree to be Pawn, if only I was taken ... Although, of course, most of all I would like to be the Queen!

"Alice in the Looking Glass on the Ice" - a familiar fairy tale about an amazing and bright world full of funny nonsense and gay trifles, revealed in a new show-show format on ice from the ICE VISION production center!

Professional figure skaters, performing the most complicated elements of figure skating and circus art, will appear before you in your favorite images of Alice and her friends! And the latest technologies of special effects, such as video projection, changing the surrounding reality, smoke and fog generators, light and sound effects, will give maximum realism to the fairy tale and completely transfer you to the thick of events happening in a magical land.

Alice in the looking-glass is all the same Alice, that she visited a mysterious wonderland, only older. She finishes school, in front of her awaits graduation ball and adult life. But the question "Whom do you want to become?" Alice still confidently replied: "White Queen"! All classmates laugh at her and, it seems, she already absolutely does not want to go there. Nobody believes in miracles around, and Alice herself ceases to believe that she once fell into a pit and visited an incredible land of miracles. Confused in herself and others, she needed answers to questions. And where do you think she will find them?

As for the first time, thanks to her boundless curiosity, Alice was in front of a mirror that seemed to melt before her eyes and immediately she stepped into her reflection at the meeting with new adventures. In the looking-glass it turns out otherwise! The paintings are exchanged with each other, while chess figures are walking and talking animatedly. The roads are divided into flat cells - exactly like a chess board, through which Alice has to go through the danger and difficulties in order to save the magical country from destruction! After all, through the mirror, now ruled by the terrible Black Queen, which no one has yet been able to see, let alone win. On the other side of the mirror are already familiar characters: Mad Hatter, Sonya mouse, Trulyal and Trail, Cheshire cat and March hare. Fearless Alice should save from the destruction of the looking glass and protect her friends!

But who will help Alice on this difficult path? Perhaps it will be a prince? That's just black or white ?! And on whose side is the stubborn Alice? Does her crown wait? Or all this, just someone's stupid dream ?!

The denouement of this incredible story can be seen on the 12th and 13th of January at the Palace of Sport! Young spectators will be able to pass through the fabulous behind-the-mirror placing themselves in the place of the main character, and the boys will necessarily feel themselves as a courageous and brave prince. The plot of the play will be of interest to children from 4 years old, but small guests will also be delighted with the wonderful, fairy-tale world!

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