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Do you think blues is not just music, but a state of mind? Then for you - a special project All Star Blues from Marco Concert.

Connoisseurs will appreciate, newcomers - will be delighted! After all, all the events of Marco Concert - this is the highest level, exclusive programs and a great atmosphere. "Great-grandfather of rock music", - so modern musicians call blues. It was the bluesmen who at one time became the pioneers of such popular areas as jazz and rock'n'roll. But, sure, no one dares to call the blues old-fashioned. Too many today there are fans, followers and performers of music of this genre.

Within the framework of the All Star Blues project, you will meet with amazing musicians, participants of famous bands of the country. In their arsenal, along with the usual rock-and-roll instruments, there is necessarily a harmonica or accordion. Without them, the blues energy, his mood and spirit will not be complete.

Concerts of All Star Blues will introduce the legacy of Fleetwood Mac, Eddie Boyd and other musicians and bands whose contribution to the formation and development of the blues is comparable to the creative contribution of John Lee Hooker and Kenny Shepherd.

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