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Why go to the show "Alladin"?

1. Get acquainted with the heroes of the favorite fairy tale.
2. Small viewers will feel themselves as participants in the events.
3. The show transmits the spirit and traditions of Disney.

Kiev Outdoor Theater "Golden Key" invites small spectators to perform "Alladin"!

At the heart of the children's musical performance is the plot of the animated film Disney "Alladin" (1992), which tells the story of the adventures of a good and romantic Aladdin, his beloved Princess Jasmine, the dark evil wizard of Frida and the omnipotent Jinnah.

A highly professional team of artists and directors was attracted to play the famous fairy-tale story filled with charming music and choreographic numbers. The colorful children's musical performance transmits the spirit and traditions of Disney, which guarantees unforgettable impressions for children of different age groups.

Children will be delighted with meeting with their favorite heroes, and the presence effect, which is achieved through the chamber scene, will draw children into a fairy tale and they will feel themselves as participants in the events.

Bright costumes, breathtaking dances, unusual scenery and familiarity to every spectator of the hero of Disney's animated movie ensures unforgettable experience.

Director - Bratash Marina Alexandrovna

A child up to 5 years of age without a separate seat is free to enter.

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