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The performance "Aladdin" in Odesa will take place in the Odesa Regional Puppet Theater.

Why should you go to the theater for the play "Aladdin" in Odessa?

  1. An exciting musical based on a favorite fairy-tale plot.
  2. Incredibly bright images of the heroes.
  3. Bright and instructive content of the play.

Play "Aladdin" in Odessa

"Aladdin" is a wonderful musical for the whole family, the author of which is Mykhailo Krupnyk. The play is based on the plot of a well-known Arab folk tale. The production director is Vladyslav Kutuyev. Production designer — Honored Artist of Ukraine Svitlana Prokofieva. Lyrics - Mykhailo Krupnyk. Composer - Mykola Bezuglov.

The fabulous adventures of Aladdin in the performance of the Odesa Puppet Theater

A vivid modern version of the oriental fairy tale will lead you through the magical pages of Arabic fairy tales, the main characters of which are the poor but clever young man Aladdin, the beautiful princess Jasmine and the all-powerful genie. But even magic would be powerless if the owner of the magic lamp was an evil and dishonest person. So Aladdin and his friends will once again prove that it is very important to remain kind and humane in life. Then all difficulties will be overcome. The duration of the performance is 55 minutes. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the play "Aladdin" in Odessa?

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