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Probably every boy tries to read rap, but only a few achieve the level of coolness of AllJ (Elgeya). Indeed, just a few years to go from a normal Novosibirsk boy to a cult representative of the underground and the legislator of cool hip hop parties are not given to everyone.

Under the familiar party-goers Algej's alias is hidden 23-year-old Alexei Uzenyuk - a guy who knows little about his personal life. We know that at first Alex decided to realize himself in the hip-hop scene, which he did well: the rapper participates in many song battles, and together with the performer they release the album "Gundezh" (2012) by name.

And already in 2013 he released the first studio album for 15 songs under the catchy title "Boston Smoke", to which the hands of such well-known rapper personalities as Tetris, Dom1no and Snet. "The evil lyrics" from Elgea leads the Internet youth in a wild rapture!

Creativity has no limits, says Eljey, so he boldly experiments with various styles and genres: comedy rap, dirty south, underground, alternative rap. In January 2015 the singer released his next album "Cannon" and finally begins to give concerts. Next in the players are new hits from AllJ from the album "Catacombs" (2015) - 8 audio recordings created with Montblant and Endgame & Miyagi, and "Library" (2016) - 8 more songs in the company with 4atty aka Tilla.

2016 was a turning point in the creativity of the guy. He decisively moves away from the underground style and makes music with a really fashionable sound, which immediately moves from the category "for the elite" to the trendy club parties. The tusovy world is now dragged from such bangers as "Disconnect", "Sayonara", "UFO", "Valetnino", which firmly hold on to the highest rungs of iTunes. Fashionable bits, at times more meaningful text and harmonious sounding have done their job - now we are looking forward to new hits from Elgeya. And judging by the perseverance of the artist - it does not take long to wait!

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