Scarlet Sails

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Musical in 2 acts

Play - A. Vratarev

The power of a dream can change life, turn the whole world around, create a miracle. The author of the wonderful story “The Scarlet Sails” - Alexander Green sincerely believed in this. He knew this power, for it there are no barriers, nothing is impossible. It is only necessary to firmly believe in your dream and wait for a miracle.

The musical “Scarlet Sails” is a whole world in which brave, sincere men, poetic and beautiful women live, where you can hear the sound of the sea and the cry of seagulls, meet Assol, brought up by a kind and loving father, and see how little Gray turned into a noble captain.

Music, songs, dances, combined together like a sea surf, will fascinate you and not let go until you hear the two strings sounded together ... at the moment when the ship approaches the coast, and Assol will shout: " I'm here! Here I am! ”- and rush to run straight across the water.

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