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Unbelievable luxury for Amatory fans! Steep metalworkers are preparing a real concert for the applications - Best of the Best Show! Yes! You yourself can choose 20 songs that I would like to hear on the explosive live of the band. This can be done at Any album, any track from those that give the most powerful charge. Only, friends, then blame yourself. Remember: you made this infernal mixture yourself!

Last fall, the band celebrated its 15th anniversary and the release of the new EP "Fire" together with its Ukrainian fans. The audience left the concert in a state of complete euphoria. I must say, the capital concert hall was not so shaky for a long time. And now all the fans of the cool alternative group are again eagerly rubbing their hands, anticipating the crazy action.

And it will be so! Real fans know that every live Amatory is a crazy show with lighting effects, video installations and many other "chips" that together create an irresistible energy boom in the room.

For more than 15 years, Amatory musicians have released 6 full-length and the same EP. The team has repeatedly won different prizes. So, in 2005 RAMP was awarded the team in three nominations: "Song of the Year" and "Clip of the Year" with the composition "Black and White Days", "Group of the Year". And this list can be long.

Down with the standards, because on the stage - unpredictable Amatory! See you!

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