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Tribute show by Andriano Celentano

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Why should you go to the tribute show Andriano Celentano?

1. Make the spring holiday special
2. Listen to the vocalist who struck Celentano himself
3. Take Italian fervor and love for life

Meet the best world tribute concert of Adriano Celentano!

For more than half a century, Adriano Celentano is rightfully considered one of the most influential and successful stars in Italy. Actor, musician, director, public figure, TV presenter ... He is really talented in everything! The singer released 41 albums, which were sold in a circulation of 150 million copies! Unfortunately, here already more than 10 years old Celentano is pleased with its performances only Italians. However, do not despair!

Stunning energy of live performance of songs of the favorite of all women can feel us.

What is its uniqueness? Firstly, it is the official tribute program of the collective "Lui e gli amici del Re", in which maestro musicians take part. Secondly, no one can do it more skillfully than Adolfo Sebastiani. The soloist of the project has a striking resemblance to the great artist: both vocal and physical. Even Celentano himself, having visited one of the concerts "Lui e gli amici del Re", said: "It seems that there are now two of us."

The event, timed to the 80th anniversary of the legendary singer, will be the best gift for women on the Spring Festival!

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