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Angels don’t sleep

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Why should you go to the play "Angels don’t sleep"?

1. View the production of a modern classic.
2. Enjoy the wonderful symbiosis of genres.
3. Find out which is stronger: the illusion of life or the illusion of death?

To be recognized as a classic in life is hardly any writer's dream. Her easily managed to embody Bernard Verber. His books are sold in inconceivable editions, plays are staged and films are shot around the world.

The production of "Angels don’t sleep" Kyiv theater "Bravo" is also based on the work of Verber. "Welcome to Paradise" is a short piece, one of the most recent. Her story is filled with mystery and mystical meanings, while not without a detective canvas and philosophical reflections.

There is hardly a person who has never been bothered by the question: what will happen after death? We offer you a version of Verber. Not particularly remarkable hero is preparing for the trial of his soul. He needs to remember his whole life, but what seemed to merit or a significant achievement on earth seems insignificant from heavenly height. Yes, and here there are bureaucratic-clerical scrape. Will the main character be able to correct what seemed predetermined?

The genre of the play is the world of fiction. Deep plot perfectly complemented by a talented acting game. Director Yuri Potapenko managed to brilliantly embody the author's intent of Verber on stage.

"Angels don’t sleep" - a wonderful performance to think, laugh and get answers to your questions. Waiting for you!

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