Anna Karenina

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The postmodern opus of theater Gandalf named KLIM. Director - Vlad Troitsky.

The play is not a literal transmission of the novel by Leo Tolstoy. Vlad Troitsky gives viewers a magic opportunity to see, "read" a familiar book by the eyes of one of the greatest contemporary thinkers - KLIM.

KLIM - playwright, philosopher, theater of theater. A man who turned his whole life into an art. KLIM breaks the way to the deep meaning of "Anna Karenina" - the story of the violation of taboo, sacrifice, love as the only meaning of human existence.

The play has meditative, alchemical properties - KLIM, using the tautological principle of constructing the text, the magic of words, concentrated verbal constructions, absurdizing dialogues, keeping consciousness in the active phase.

It is very interesting here, as the structure of Tolstoy's novel is curtailed to fit into the performance. Not a story by Tolstoy is interested in KLIMa and Trinity, but his deep, space-based metaphysics. If you speak the language of the Sixties, how to see life in life.

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