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Why go to the GORI Music and Dance Ensemble?

1. For the first time in Ukraine.
2. Exclusive program.
3. Deep meaning and philosophy in the spirit of support of the Ukrainian people.

The music and dance ensemble "GORI", devoted to the history and traditions of sacred Georgian folk music, will visit Ukraine for the first time.

According to members of the ensemble, the purpose of these concerts is to thank the people of Ukraine for their support to the city of Gori, only ten years ago, covered by the flames of the Georgian-Russian war. "Our speeches are a reflection of the holy traditions that have been accumulated over the centuries, so we strive to introduce the people of Ukraine to the fact that your country sincerely participates in their preservation," says the leaders of the ensemble.

The ensemble of dance and singing in the region of Gorio has its brilliant history since the 1920s. Since then, the main mission of the ensemble has been the revival and spread of folk dance and music traditions characteristic of the Sakartvelo state and exclusively for the Goriot region.
Each performance by the Gori ensemble is familiar with the culture of Sakartvelo (Georgia), and a small journey to the charming, sunny, rapidly developing country with its ancient history.

During their performances in the concert halls of Ukraine, an ensemble of about 40 people will demonstrate all its skill, and will perform the program of folk songs and dances "Sakartvelo" which was carefully selected, prepared from the soul for everyone who will visit this event and respect to Ukraine as a whole, impress with the authenticity and sincerity of feelings, will give unforgettable emotions and fill your souls with warmth and for a long time remain in your hearts.

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