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Why go to the concert of the Aquarium group?

1. Hear the lives of the father of the Russian year and congratulate him on his 65th anniversary
2. An expanded program of legendary and completely new songs
3. Creation out of age and conventions

The birthday of the BG in Kiev will eventually take place. After transferring the date and cancellation of the previous show Boris Borisovich and his invariably large team of musicians will come to Kiev. Two concerts will be held in the favorite admirers of the BG Caribbean Club on 20 and 21 June.

As planned, Boris Borisovich's concert will be named after one of his songs - "The Doors of the Grass", the new birth of the song, which appeared in the 70's, took place last year.
Boris Grebenshchikov about the song "Doors of the Grass" (2017): ".. this song is significant for me, because this is the first song I wrote, which I really liked - it was somehow not" amateur ", but" real " And I wrote it, being in an amazing world: I sat morning in the morning on a forest glade in Muulupelto, read the recently released "Silmarillion" of Tolkien, and all that I saw around belonged to two worlds at the same time, because the Karelian forests were a direct extension of the Belairand forests . "

Boris Grebenshchikov was born on November 27, 1953 in Soviet Leningrad. In the 70's BG founded the Aquarium group. By the middle of the eighties, the group lived semi-life, doing homework and occasionally leaving for short tours to other cities. In April 1980, after the performance at the Tbilisi rock festival, the Aquarium group was officially banned. After 7 years, in 1987, "Aquarium" released the official record of the band in the USSR.

In 2017 "Aquarium" celebrated 45 years with a full-time concert in Kiev. For over 45 years, the band has released dozens of albums, has played thousands of concerts around the world. Boris Borisovich's authority in rock'n'roll reached the cosmic level 20 years ago.

Concert of BG 65 "Garbage Doors" in Kyiv in 2019 is a crucial milestone in Boris Borisovich's life and concert activity, an event that will remain in the history of the BG and in your personal history with unforgettable and wonderful memories. What set-list will choose the BG on the celebration of its birthday in Kiev - it is impossible to predict. His set-lists are always unique, and the list of songs performed is very different from the previous ones. We know for sure one thing - it will be a three-hour show, an exciting journey on it and your "back side of reality". This can not be skipped.

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