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ART PARTY From abstract painting FLUID ART with wine

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The art party is a master class on drawing in the style of FLUID ART with wine in a cozy art studio.

We will teach you to draw a picture in 1.5 hours, even if you have never painted before. In our lesson on learning to draw a picture, you can not only learn to draw a picture, but also enjoy the atmosphere and the process.

This is a good opportunity to create an unusual picture with your own hands. The process differs in that it is not painted with ordinary brushes. No specific lines, thoughtful elements. The paint is simply poured on the canvas, it spreads, mixes with other shades, and therefore the image becomes unique. A master class with fluid art can be compared to creative meditation: as a result, paint patterns will make a unique picture.

Master class for those who do not know how to draw, or just trying, or want to try something new and relax after work.

If you are not an artist, this is not a problem. A professional artist will help you create a beautiful picture in 1.5 hours with your own hands, to reveal your creative potential.

  • you do not need to bring anything with you - everything is included in the price
  • treats: a glass of wine, tea or coffee as a gift to everyone!
  • duration of the course in the master class - 1.5 hours
  • The master class is conducted by vaccinated artists in compliance with all norms

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