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why is it worth going to a concert by Artem Pivovarov?

1. One of the most popular singers in the country
2. To hear live romantic and charismatic artist
3. Sing and dance to your favorite hits: Oxygen, My Night, Full Moon and others.

On November 15-16 at the capital club Atlas there will be a big solo concert of Artem Pivovarov - a real musical shoot called "Earth".

In addition to the presentation of new songs from the forthcoming album "Earth", the elemental artist is preparing to amaze the audience with an unusual scene, spectacular light show and scenery.

“At the moment, the November concert is the main event of the year for me. A few months ago, I began to develop his concept, and now I have found a director who understands me in half words and resonates with my music. We prepare more than a concert - it's a musical shooter: live, spectacular, adrenaline-filled, ”says Artem enthusiastically.

The release of Artem Pivovarov's fourth album titled "Earthly" is announced for autumn. He will continue the theme of the element in the artist's work.

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