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Artil minifest

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1. In one evening and two hours of the festival you will be able to see 3 or 4 premieres of contemporary dance at once and get acquainted with the whole spectrum of the latest trends in this kind of art.
2. You’ll be the first in the world to see the newborn future masterpieces of contemporary choreography.
3. Artil minifest is your personal opportunity to join the contemporary art of the three European countries without leaving your own city. It’s like going on a cultural EuroTrip while staying at home.

Artil minifest is an international traveling festival of contemporary dance, it’s an event unique in its format and content in the field of contemporary art.

2019 marks the fourth season of the festival which will take place in 4 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. After Ukraine the festival goes to Austria (Vienna, Linz) and Poland (Katowice, Lublin).

Artil minifest is a kaleidoscope of explorative adventures, told through the body. It’s an experience you don’t get in the regular theater. You will find yourself in an unusual space where art doesn’t provide ready-made meanings, but rather invites you to create them for yourself this very moment. Young choreographers from Ukraine, Poland and Austria will speak with you in a language of dance about their own perception of the world, space, contradictions and harmony. They will turn philosophical and everyday themes into an ornament of vibrations, they will destroy habits and clichés through provocation – and they will do it not just for a show. Together with you they will dive into the adventure, touch the unknown and, in an instant, make this unknown embodied onstage!

For a miracle to happen, you’ll need an openness to the new – to the new knowledge, experiences, forms, regardless of however you perceive the phrase ‘contemporary dance’. You might not expect it, but it’s best not to form ideas about how should it be, but simply to trust yourself as you watch. After all, words can be wrong, but movement can never be.

Immediately after the performance there will be a discussion where you can express your feelings, admiration or disappointment with the showing. This is a part of contemporary dance, without which the impression would be incomplete. So don’t plan anything else for the evenings of Artil minifest – leave room for a new experience.

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